G.T. Kelley, John Haggerty, Ray Ingham
Mondésir bombardé
[Journaux de guerre des escadrons 532, 533 et 535]
1er août 1944
     Le 1er août 1944 prit place un raid de bombardiers anglais sur l’aérodrome militaire d’Étampes-Mondésir en même temps que sur celui de Melun-Villaroche.
     Nous reproduisons ici ce que disent de cette journée les diaires des 532e, 533e et 535e escadrons de bombardiers, qui ont été mis en ligne par la 381st Bomb Group (H) Memorial Association.
Lieutenant G. T. Kelley
du 532e escadron de bombardiers

     1. The target for today was to attack the Melun/Villaroche airfield, five miles north of Melun, France. Led by Capt Moore in the low group 1st "B" Combat Bomb Wing, we furnished nine ships. The primary was not attacked due to 8/10th cloud cover, but a target of opportunity, the Etampes/Wondesare [lisez Étampes-Mondésir] airfield was hit. No enemy air opposition was encountered, while flak was meagre to moderate. Those taking part were: Lts Bailey, Bendall, Sunderland, Nashold, Devenish, Klare, Reseigh and Copeland. 
     All the men that did not get paid as of the last day of the previous month were paid out today. 
     Another new crew were assigned: 2nd Lts Raymond LaPierre, Robert Armstrong, Ernest White, Gerald Maudlin; Sgts Harold Pendleton, Keith Jensen, Bernard Poorsher, William Coombs, John Hansen, Herbert Kuhfuss.

John Haggerty 
du 533e escadron de bombardiers

     1. Though our crews were briefed this morning at 06.00 hrs, chill mist and drizzling rain prevented take off untill 11.00 hrs. During the late morning the mist cleared and the rain stopped. 
     Including ten of the 533rd, 37 ships of the 381st took off for an attack on the airfields at Muelan/Villaroche [lisez Meulun-Villaroche] and Etampes/Mondesare [lisez Étampes-Mondésir], France. Flak was negligible and bombing results went unobserved. No enemy fighters were encountered and all the formation returned safely. 
     Today’s 533rd pilots were: Lts Nelson, Huber, Masterson, Fenton, Berkley, O’Dell, Cochran, Lang, Usher and Carroll. 

     T/Sgt Walner was transferred to the 532nd; Pvts Bliss and Westendorf, both aerial gunners, were promoted to Sgts; S/Sgt Francis Miller left on a seven-day furlough; Sgt DuBois and Cpl DePriest returned from detached service; S/Sgt Holloway and Cpl Russell Miller were re-classifield from 813 to 041; Pfc Marshall Miller from 521 to 590. 
     Two new crews were assigned: 2nd Lts Burton Kinney, Robert Beckman, Robert Holmes, Samuel Reisman; Sgts Allen Ulrich, Kamesuka Itokara, Sylvan Sciumbato, John Bormida, John Garden and Walter Godbey. 
     2nd Lt Ernest Germano, F/O Charles Carpenter, 2nd  Lts Richard Tierney, Edward Spaniol; Sgts John King, William Shelley, Cloyde Goodey, Joseph Rapp, Alexander Donaldson and Cpl Harold Siders.

Caporal Ray Ingham
du 535e escadron de bombardiers

     1. The squadron put up 10 crews and nine Forts for today’s double-target mission to Meulan/Villa [lisez Meulun-Villaroche] and Etampes/Mondesare [lisez Étampes-Mondésir], airfields, in France. Three hit Etampes and seven went with the Meulan contingent. Flak caused little trouble and there were no enemy fighters encountered or seen. Bombing results were undetermined. 
     Participating pilots were: Lts Beackley, Lang, Hermann, Albers, Stuart, Demagalski, Simmons, Todd, Miller and Hatherley. 

     Personnel notes include the transfers to 12th RCD, Chorley, of combat officers: 1st Lts William F. Hotaling, Lester A. Gillette and Richard E. Shaw; and the promotion of John W. Carson from 2nd to 1st Lt. east coast last night. None of the rest of the crew is as yet reported. 
     This morning 36 of our Forts took off for Germany carrying delayed action bombs for an attack on the experimental station at Peenemunde on the Baltic coast. This place is a centre for robot bomb production and testing and may house installations concerned with the new, mammoth V-2 rocket projectile with which the Germans are now threatening England. 
     Group commander Col Leber led the contingent, which in turn paced the air division, flying in the squadron’s PFF ship, "Sunkist Special", with a 532nd crew on board. Col Leber reported the weather was good for bombing and lead bombardier Major Fullick is confident he PA1’d his target. 
     Through the entire course of the 90-second bomb run the 40-odd flak guns below rocked our ships with unusually accurate tracking fire. There were no casualties but plenty of the boys returned home with hardware souvenirs. The only sign of the Luftwaffe was five planes which Col Leber reported seeing at a great distance from his formation after the bomb run. Escort was OK, although the boys saw very little of it. 
     Shortly after take-off the deputy leader, a PFF with 532nd crew and carrying station photographic officer, Capt Francis Hawkins as passenger, caught fire and crash-landed near Wethersfield, a few miles from the base, where most of its bomb load exploded. The only casualty was tail gunner Norris, whose body was found in part of the wreckage. All other parachuted safely. 
     Our pilots today were: Lts Todd, Miller, Rojohn, Levitoff, Myerscough, Clark, Jarvill, Bowser and Lingenfelter. (However the crew loading file indicates the pilots were: Todd, Miller, Marbury, Lang, Hermann, Davison, Roberts, Hatherley, Rollins and Metts, for whom Lingenfelter is given as co-pilot. - DRO)  
     These combat officers have been promoted: Thomas E. Barnicle, from 1st Lt to captain; 2nd Lts Fred R. Jarvill, Floyd H. Metts and Warren M. Miller to 1st Lt. Meantime 1st Lt Walter L. Tyson, Jr., is off to 12th RCD, Chorley, and home.

Source: (n'est plus en ligne en 2004), &, © 1997-2002, 381st Bomb Group (H) Memorial Association, Inc. & 381st Triangle-L Society (World War II, Ridgewell, England)
      G.T. KELLEY, John HAGGERTY, Ray INGHAM, «Bombardement d’Étampes-Mondésir (Journaux de guerre des 532e, 533e et 535e escadrons de bombardiers, 1er août 1944)», in Corpus Étampois,, 2003.

Étampes et l’Aviation dans le Corpus Étampois

     Bernard GINESTE, «Étampes et l’Aviation: quelques documents», in Corpus Étampois,, 2006.

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